Holiday 7 Villas Apartments
The  7 New  Luxury Villas of  "Holiday7 Villas & Apartments" located in Leiria District, 10 minutes between Nazare & Leiria. All Luxury Villas of “Holiday 7 Villas & Apartments “ with the same interiors,exteriors,swimming pools,furniture,design & amenities. The New Luxury Villas, (each 1300.00 sqm2 ), features a 22 meters swimming Pools,/2.2 m. deep/each Villa/,GYM, Poolside Bar with a sound system 25000 Watt for events & party, free parking & free WiFi throughout .
2 big Supermarkets just a 2 minutes away from Villas. 
12 beaches (Silver Coast  ), just a 10 min away from "Holiday7 Villas & Apartments"

Sun shining incredibly bright, endless white sandy beaches, life flowing in distinctly slower pace, embroidered by incessant surf and warm breeze of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tastiest cuisine, best portos and magnificient wines, rich cultural and historical heritage of the the world's most western Country and genuinely hospitable People.. All this is Portugal, the End of the World, that will win your heart from the very first visit.
We choose the places, that enchant us at a glance to our Collection, and welcome you to discover new Luxury Villas , located at the very heart of Old Portugal, at the Atlantic Silver Coast valley, away from the noise of the city in the surroundings of the virgin beauty of nature, close to the most remarkable and significant sites of this fabulous Country.

Beach & Ocean vacation funs, Old Europe & Hitorical UNESCO masterpiece discoverers, Early Gothic architecture sites amateures, surfers and travellers - strive here from all over the world. Because it is here - Summer is always present and Sunny days last 320 days a year. It is here - they come to slow down the pace of life and escape from business of cities.

Location of "Holiday 7 Villas & Apartments"/Lisbon Airport 55 minutes away/ is also perfect for beach vacation, auto tours and historical Portugal tours, for visiting of the most significant attractions, cities, misterious sites and castles.

Our Luxury Villas is designed to suit the tastes of aesthetes, preferring true Private & Luxury Vacation instead of the bustle of crowded tourist anthills, it only includes eight luxe class residences within 1.300 square meters of  Luxurious Villas living space.

Our Villas  has  its own garded territory; private swimming pools (22 meters in length / 2.2 m deep) year-round heated +35 C; fully equipped kitchens; outdoor sun deck for relaxing and sunbathing, Lounge & HighEnd Music Hall; Garden; Karaoke Club; Open Air Poolside Bar ; Private HighEnd Cinema Hall with films collection (multi-language); GYM & Fitness, 3 Luxurious Fire halls; Reception Desk; 24-hour Concierge Service; free parking and WI-FI.

Our staff speak English,supermarkets, banks, shops, car rentals, restaurants and cafes are within 2 minutes walk from our Villas.

Our Modus Operandi is designed in such a way, that clients could relax in the atmosphere of private Luxurious Villas, as dear guests of a close friend, enjoying the shades of quality, elusive, but tangible like a whisper.